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Folks, there are people out there in parking lots, on city sidewalks, in front of the grocery store just waiting for a sucker. These people fake cry and beg you for some money for gas, just so they can get home. They then show you some gold chains.....large gold chains, hoping that your greed instinct will kick in (that's if the crying and story of destitution, parents in the hospitle jive doesn't get to you) They offer to sell it to you for an incredible loss ....."just so they can get home" AND people hand them $100, $200 or more ......FOR JUNK!! the stuff is not worth $10, IT IS MAGNETIC, and gold in any form (10k, 14k, 18k etc) is NOT magnetic YOU MUST BE WARY of Individuals approaching you to "sell their gold jewlery" in the parking lot, or in front of 7-11

In 4 weeks, we have had 5 people conme in that have been "had" for $100 and up BE WARY


We perform courtesy reminder calls for all of our customers who have loans coming due every week.

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