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As of today, July 1 2019 new changes are in effect for gun transfers to Washington State residents, they are as follows: It is specifically stated that ANY semi-auto RIFLE will have to be transferred through a Washington State FFL-NO EXCEPTIONS, same for any handgun (it’s been that way for years) However, it is still

 OK for semi-auto shotguns to be transferred to Washington residents AS LONG AS THEY ARE 21 or older. ALL bolt action and pump action and break action long guns can still be transferred to an 18 year old & older through an Oregon dealer, if you so desire. 
The rules regarding pawn redemption are being worked on at this time in an effort to understand what the restrictions / rights are. To be safe (in the eyes of the law) pawnbrokers are encouraged to send redeemed SEMI-AUTO hand and long guns to a Washington FFL for transfer back to the pawn customer (who MUST be 21 or older). When this emotional law was written, there was zero consideration for any details regarding the side effects to any other circumstance where a gun may or would be transferred, such as pawn or pawn redemption.

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